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Letter: Not a life anyone should have to live

Jim Childers
New Castle

Everyone has an opinion and it may differ in logic and theory but to those who have one, it is theirs. Lots of things in our lives, in society and persuasive elements such as television and prominent personalities contribute to forming our opinions. Yet many of us live in denial when it comes to abuse.

It can be seen and felt in many ways, but direct physical abuse can be obvious to all unless it is hidden and covered up. In the world we live in today many times that is the sad case. With few exceptions direct physical abuse in the home between spouses it is the male who dominates. It can lead to domineering attitudes and humbling the other party forcing them to live in a state of controlled fear.

This is not love and it is not a life anyone should have to live. When the time comes that reason and understanding can no longer resolve the issue and it turns to physical abuse then love is lost. Today, however, many couples live in this hell and its secrets eventually began to leak out.

There are no excuses and when it becomes known it devastates everyone involved. Not only the abuser but in many cases the abused as well. When it is a sports star or a celebrity it can destroy a lucrative career as well as their family life. Such as the case with Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his then-fiancée who is now his wife. Was it unconditional love, money or an attempt to help him recover from the incident, saving his career that she caved into marriage? Perhaps all of the above, but it doesn’t stop there.

The NFL has a part in this story and it’s failure to act decisively. Now they are forced to act but how do they think his fiancée got knocked out to begin with? Did it take another video to open their eyes? Yes, an elevator ride that has changed the young man and his wife’s lives forever.

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