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Letter: Not a tax, a movement

As a local business owner, veteran for my country and proud born and raised Carbondale resident, I’m fully in support of the Climate Action Tax being proposed in Carbondale.

The way I see, we just trade in two coffees a month to pay for aggressive progress. This isn’t a make-or-break tax for anyone living in this valley. Nobody else is trying to take an aggressive approach like this in the valley. Carbondale and, and imagine the influence we could have on neighboring towns and wait, wait, the country.

Vote yes and have one more thing on your resume that says you stood up for climate change. Vote no and you’d better have a more aggressive back-up plan. It’s not about the effect it will have on you; it’s about the effect this will have on us all and the influence toward others.

This isn’t just a tax, it’s a movement. This movement has the potential to raise the eyebrows of big government. It’s time we stop making the cover of outdoor magazine and start making the cover of green energy magazine as an example to others. Carbondale has developed a reputation of saying no to everything. It’s time we say yes to positive change. Do what’s right and vote yes on Measure 2A.

Forrest Fulker

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