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Letter: NRDC fights antibiotics

I’m writing to give you a heads up that NRDC and a coalition of over 80 groups have called on the parent company of some of America’s most popular restaurant chains — including Kentucky Fried Chicken — to eliminate routine use of antibiotics in the poultry they serve.

While Yum! Brands — which owns KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut — last year announced plans to eliminate “critically” important antibiotics from their chicken supply, its commitment is misleading. That’s because it would not address routine overuse of many other antibiotics important to fighting off common human infections (like strep throat, pneumonia, UTIs and gonorrhea).

The overuse of antibiotics in livestock and poultry is helping to drive the creation and spread of drug-resistance bacteria, threatening the effectiveness of medical treatment when people get sick.

“We rely on our life-saving drugs to work when we need them,” NRDC food policy advocate Lena Brook wrote in a blog post. “No one wants their favorite pizza, taco or fried chicken place to undermine the effectiveness of our antibiotics. Companies like Yum! Brands — which owns some of America’s most popular restaurant chains — have the power to keep our drugs working by asking their suppliers to end the routine use of all medically important antibiotics in animals that are not sick.”

Kate Slusark Kiely

Deputy director, national media, Natural Resources Defense Council

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