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Letter: Oasis Creek inappropriate

I would like to personally thank Councilmen Stephen Bershenyi and Leo McKinney for voting against the Oasis Creek apartments and respecting the recommendation of the Glenwood Springs Planning & Zoning Commission.

I believe the facts in this issue demonstrate that it is not an appropriate project for Glenwood Springs and it violates the very zoning codes that have been implemented to prohibit such a project. It seems like it is just another instance of a few individuals using money and influence to dictate their ambitions on to a town known for its sense of community.

It is my understanding that while owners of this land own significant properties in the area, they do not actually live here and are not members of this community as I am. I invite the citizens of Glenwood Springs to conduct their own investigation of Richmark Holdings and follow the money.

I hope the citizens of Glenwood Springs will also show their support of Councilors Bershenyi and McKinney when they seek re-election, as they have demonstrated their support of our community values.

Jim Phillips

Glenwood Springs

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