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Letter: Obama thinks the Constitution doesn’t apply to him

Robert Boyle wants us to study the issues, so here you go.

The House of Representatives has the right to decide if they want to spend money on any government activity since all spending bills have to originate in the House. This is called legislation by appropriation and has been done various times in our country’s history. Nine different times the House appropriated money to keep the government open, but the Senate refused because the House wanted to amend ObamaCare by delaying the implementation for individuals for one year.

Democrats didn’t have a problem when Obama did this for small businesses and unions all by himself. After wasting three years and $700 million dollars, I can see why Republicans wanted to delay this train wreck. So the Republicans followed the democratic process and the Democrats refused to negotiate and yet you place all the blame on Republicans for shutting down the government. Brilliant.

The Senate and president said give us what we want or no deal. That’s your definition of compromise? Talk about making decisions for political gain. You also mention legislation by extortion, yet the only extortion I see is forcing people to pay for health insurance regardless if they want it or not and fining them if they don’t. What you conveniently left out was fraud. The president of the United States lied; he purposely withheld the truth to make sure ObamaCare would pass. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t wait to pass it so she could find out what was in it.

Well, just wait and see what happens in 2014 when PPO plans for small businesses get replaced with the new EPO plan that meets the ObamaCare requirements and you’ll see just how many people are going to be affected. If you like your health insurance you can keep it, period. Wink, wink! The greatest assault on democracy in this country isn’t coming from the Republicans; it’s the incompetence shown by our president who thinks the Constitution doesn’t apply to him. Move over Sgt. Schultz, the I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing administration is moving in.

Norm Bolitho

New Castle

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