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Letter: Obama weak on terror

In a recent issue of the Weekly Standard, Frederick Kagan writes that former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates declares in his book, Duty, that we (this nation) are at war, a war that began at least 21 years ago with the first bombing of the trade center in New York City. This fact is not acknowledged by President Obama and many of our representatives in Washington.

Our President seems to believe that bad guys can be turned into good guys through negotiations. So far that policy has caused us nothing but grief. We have lost some of our best “friends” in the Mideast due to vacillations by our current administration.

War continued with attacks on our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania during 1998 and on the USS Cole in 2000. The explanation point that drew our full attention was the Sept. 11 event. Only then, under the decisive leadership of President Bush, was real action taken. Recently, the attack on our embassy in Benghazi must lead to the conclusion that the war continues.

No end is in sight for the end of the war, which could make the 100 Years War of medieval history seem like a piece of cake. Since it is fired by religious fanatics, the only hope for ending the war is by a revelation from above telling Muslims that killing of non-believers of their religion is unacceptable. (Don’t bet on that happening). It appears we are locked into never-ending war funded by Mideast energy resources with plenty of young Muslims being born every day to supply canon fodder.

To counter this our leader in Washington proposes cutting defense budgets and more negotiations.

Dick Prosence


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