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LETTER: Obamacare helped my family

Health insurance has always been important to me. It simply is unacceptable for anyone in my family to go without health insurance. It is a necessity like any other cost of living, but most of the world powers already know this is important.

I have seen many TV ads vilifying Obamacare and how it doesn’t work and the shame of Udall voting for it. Guess what? It works for my family and me. For 42 years during my career I never had any trouble with health insurance — until my adult children came off my company’s insurance and I had to buy their insurance on my own. Why buy insurance for my adult children? One drives on I-25 everyday, one is a snowboarder and one works in the Florida swamps dodging snakes and gators. One insurance company kept dropping one of my children’s insurance because they said payment was late but it seemed it took them weeks to post a payment and this same insurance company never had any trouble with another child’s payment.

Then I retired and obtained Medicare, but buying health insurance for my family got really crazy.  COBRA insurance was dropped without my knowing. My spouse was refused insurance because of a pre-existing condition. I spent a lot of time on the phone with insurance companies and my old company, and finally got my spouse reinsured. Then Obamacare became law. The age for children on a family insurance plan was raised, and there was no longer an issue with pre-existing conditions. I added my youngest daughter to my spouse’s insurance until my daughter’s company’s insurance started after six months. My oldest daughter is able to afford health insurance through the Colorado exchange for her family, including their 2-month-old. My middle daughter is covered under an employer’s insurance agreement.

Obamacare really helped me cover my entire family with good insurance. Thank you for your leadership, President Obama, Sen. Udall, and all those who voted for this law. Let’s make sure every person in America has access to good health care and good health insurance.

Thomas Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

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