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LETTER: Obamacare is the only relief in sight

I applaud your newspaper for covering Obamacare as a local story. It’s a matter of great public interest, and much confusion surrounds it.

However, Thursday’s article only added to the confusion. Mr. Bolitho has his perspective as a seller of insurance, but the predictions he’s making are at odds with my experience as a consumer.

My family and I can’t wait to sign up for health insurance through the new exchanges. We can barely afford our current policy, and by my calculations an equivalent plan under Obamacare will save us about $300 a month. That’s huge.

There are millions of middle-class American families like mine, who don’t get Cadillac insurance plans through our employers and must pay through the nose for private high-deductible plans. We’re getting bled to death, and Obamacare, for all its faults, is the only relief in sight.

Those who already have group insurance through their employers are the lucky minority. They’ll be able to continue as they are under Obamacare.

I urge everyone else to get a quote on the Connect for Health Colorado website (www.connectforhealthco.com/) starting Oct. 1. The online marketplace will make shopping for health insurance more like buying a plane ticket. If you’re like me you’ll probably still only be able to afford a bare-bones plan, but if your income is typical you’ll probably pay less thanks to the tax credit.

In all the coverage of Obamacare, I see little discussion of the plight of the self-insured, yet it’s as serious a problem as that of the uninsured. We’ve reached the point where middle-class families can no longer afford the premiums, and that’s a dangerous tipping point. The more people opt out of health insurance, the more socialistic the system becomes, because the uninsured’s health expenses are ultimately borne by the rest of us; more and more cost gets balanced on the backs of fewer and fewer payers.

Personally I don’t think Obamacare is going to fix the systemic problem, but for me and my family at least it’s going to save us from losing our health insurance altogether … for the time being.

Dave Reed


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