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Letter: Of the rich, by the rich, for the rich

R.W. Boyle
New Castle

The Republican debate was an evening of sophomoric bickering about inconsequential nonsense, with a world view to match. What little substance was presented made it clear that most of them want a bigger military so they can threaten the world into their version of “peace” or go bomb the hell out of some perceived enemy. Not a word about how to pay for it.

Continuing the Republican perspective that the poor have too much money and the rich have too little, we heard tax plans from no tax at all on “producers” and taxing “consumption” (read, everyone but the super-rich) to a flat 14.5 percent on everyone. All calculated to further enrich their masters and continue the rape of the nation’s wealth. Global warming got two minutes while they all agreed nothing can/should be done and it would be bad for business anyway.

A few condescending words about the increasing poverty of the middle class and the poor but again, no recognition that their party, having facilitated the theft of the country’s money and resource is the primary cause. Anything done “for the people” is defined as socialism. Describing our government as “from the bottom up,” they conveniently overlooked our current reality: of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. Lincoln and Reagan would throw up. Not one word about our crumbling infrastructure.

The generic ignorance and hypocrisy were punctuated with moments of reality as the few who actually seem to know what they are talking about, made some sense on a few issues. Only one, (Paul) understands the marijuana issue, the rest are in the dark ages of Harry Anslinger’s “gateway drug.” The unelectable, Carson, Paul, Rubio and Fiorina, all seemed to have a good grasp on some issues. However, the hyper-wealthy white men who own the party will never let someone of color, a woman or a serious thinker be elected and even they will reject the raving, born again, neo-Nazi Cruz. The only, viable, half sensible candidate is likely Governor Kasich. The view that they are all democratic/fascists was clearly confirmed.

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