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Letter: Oil and gas water use, pollution cannot be ignored

Letter writer Carol Mozingo (June 20) may well be part of the 99 percent, but regarding the pro-oil and gas production voice she proudly proclaims, she is heard loud and clear. The commissioners’ every decision is made to encourage the development of stakeholders’ monetary interests. Carol, you are well represented.

However, it is entitled, shameless, infantile, magical thinking to believe we can “have it all.” Every well drilled uses gigantic amounts of precious Colorado water, fouls the air with climate altering VOCs and dust and disrupts any and all wildlife in the vicinity.

Tourist dollars do not come to the industrial moonscape gas patch. And when you are fighting voraciously to put food on the table remember all it takes independent of you to get the food there. Everyone wakes up in the morning breathes and bathes before they sit down at the table. Losing sight of the bigger picture is a larger threat to all of the 99 percent; with all due respect to a particular oil and gas job.

When all of the leases are developed, and if you are not one of the few people needed to be employed for well maintenance, and none of those tourist dollars are biking downvalley, you can always sell fireworks.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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