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Letter: On jobs, the economy and Ross’ column

It always cracks me up when someone claims oversimplification to defend their oversimplification. Ross Talbot’s column is such a beast.

First, all the works of man are parasitical. Some parasites are mutually beneficial, some aren’t. The industries Ross claims are non-parasitical can be productive or consumptive or not, depending on their relation to their fellow man. This is why Christ commands the rich man to sell everything and be sociably socialist to enter heaven. This is also why Christians have placed heaven in the clouds (after bodily death) instead of between human beings as Christ intended: Pay less than living wages, support the avarice of tax-dodging big business as Republicans, worshiping instead that Atlas that Shrugs.

The wage earner is neither an expense nor consumptive but deserving his wages, the same Master had said.

Secondly, when they government says the economy created 100,000 jobs they are 50,000 short of keeping up with natural cycles of attrition. The Bush Administration couldn’t get above this number so they threw the figure out the window pretending the 40,000 jobs they’d come up with were in fact above this threshold. And since that grand day of oversimplification it has been figured such, so a decade and a half later we are actually a couple million jobs below attrition. Not counting the damage done by the Great Recession and the very predictable flat economy that follows, any greed fuel bubble bursting like night follows day.

Lastly, healthcare for the poor, the undermotivated, the uncircumcised alien, is what your Savior is all about, my friend, and the way Pharisee/Christians complain about what the mote costs the board in their own eye has cost Western Civilization its future. But this was foretold long ago.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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