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Letter: On Vallario’s lawsuit concerning recent gun-control legislation …

I heard the interview Lou Vallario gave to Aspen Public Radio on his participation in a lawsuit over recent Colorado gun control legislation.

Sheriff Vallario serves and protects me in Garfield County and he wants no background checks, nor control over magazine capacity, and he wants assault rifles readily and easily available to us law-abiding citizens. Especially us law-abiders who harbor violent fantasies about shooting the crap out of whomever: home invaders, zombies or jack-booted federal thugs. And to be fair, he wants military-style bullet-sprayers for those of us who only want to shoot targets at say, 60 rounds a minute, maybe more, all in good fun.

Between what sounded like heavy breathing or a worked horse snorting, Lou Vallario rattled off all the easily countered arguments that gun-fanciers share (and sound very smart to them) against reasonable gun control. Here’s one, “Background checks make criminals out of us when we go to purchase a firearm.” No they don’t. Not anymore than showing your license and registration does at a traffic stop. Maybe when one of your deputies checks mine at a Friday night DUI dragnet, I can use your brilliant argument.

Lou has lots of these fallacies holstered and ready to fire off. To someone who’s not seduced by the lure of deadly force, who sees the greater good of reasonable gun measures, my sheriff’s intellectual ammo (how’d they get a 15-per-clip limit, why not 14, why not 16?) seems dumb as dirt. I could ask, why drive 55, Lou?

Vallario says criminals can always get guns. But sheriff, we have laws against theft even though thieves keep thieving. But Lou thinks his lawsuit is American as hell.

Sheriff Vallario, I’m one of your constituency who will gladly let you harbor your freaked-out gun fantasies as a private citizen come next election.

Dan Sadowsky

Garfield County

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