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Letter: One big parking lot

I wholeheartedly agree with letter writer Dudley Comer’s prediction of massive motorist misery due to all our new color-coordinated, totally unnecessary bridge boondoggle.

Let me make a few more predictions:

1. This CDOT engineers’ wet dream will run over present estimates.

2. This 22-month timetable will stretch into 2019.

3. The new bridge damns any chance of a bypass ever being built around town.

4. Glenwood Springs will rue this inane decision to funnel ever-increasing traffic along with ever more pollution through the heart of what once was a more beautiful town.

I really thought you folks were a little more insightful. Bigger is not always better, like the song says, you pave paradise to put up a parking lot.

And that’s what I-70 and 82 and Glenwood Springs is going to be for God knows how long — one big parking lot.

Hey, maybe next we could six-lane 82 into Aspen so worker bees and tourists can all get there faster. Besides, we’ll need six lanes on 82 to handle all those proposed subdivisions.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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