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Letter: Optimism for Clean Power Plan

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to temporarily halt the Clean Power Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Obama administration remain optimistic about the nation’s leading effort to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants.

And thankfully, under Gov. Hickenlooper, Colorado will continue to move forward with the transition already underway to cleaner power sources.

Thanks to the Clean Power Plan’s foundation and thoughtful legal and scientific groundwork, the integrity of the plan remains intact. And there is overwhelming support for this effort, with two-thirds of the American population in favor of the goals set forth in the Clean Power Plan.

Limiting greenhouse gas emissions is a sensible solution for improving air quality and public health, and for creating 21st century jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Don’t be fooled; the temporary stay placed on the Clean Power Plan is simply an attempt to stall the inevitable. If a vibrant life is at all important to you, I encourage you to take immediate action by following Gov. Hickenlooper’s lead in supporting the Clean Power Plan.

Thank you, Gov. Hickenlooper and Colorado for your conscious acts of intention toward a cleaner, healthier future for all.

Lisa Delaney


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