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Letter: Orwellian society?

Isn’t the list of presidential hopefuls getting interesting? I was well aware of the full house of kooks, crazies, corporate shills, paid apologists for the wealthy and outright traitors in the Republican Party, but this current candidate crop is truly excruciating. How many of these fools should be impeached immediately for violating their oaths of office? We are treated to more examples of law by opinion, as numerous Republicans declare they will not obey sensible and human (not corporate) recent decisions, of the normally fascist-leaning Supreme Court. In the meantime, we have the donald, bobby, rick, ted, scott (lowercase intentional) and others mouthing inane insanities in the background.

Then we should consider our president, Hillary, our own Sen. Bennett and all too many Democrats trying to “fast track” TPP, the sleaziest, phony, piece of corporate-penned garbage to come down the pipe in years. Pirate drafts of this law-breaking, patent-busting slime-filled tome indicate a total sell-out of American workers and the populace at large.

We have generally accepted the Wall Street ethic, that money and those who have it should make the rules. That’s why our infrastructure is crumbling, government services are disappearing, our education and voting systems are under constant assault, the corporations and the wealthy pay little or no taxes and 1 percent of the people have more than 50 percent of the money (worldwide and increasing rapidly).

Have you been following the flight of personal money and investments to foreign banks? With numerous congressmen and senators leading the way, these charlatans and thieves know exactly what they are doing and why. Our recent national hero Eric Snowden told us much truth and many of the above called him a traitor — they should know.

Keep supporting the status quo and you will leave your children and your nation impoverished in resources, infrastructure, money and spirit. The coming election will assuredly decide our fate.

I quote the only sane, honest voice in the crowd, Bernie Sanders: “I worry, really worry, we are moving towards an Orwellian form of society.”

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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