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Letter: Other Obama ‘accomplishments’


A recent letter to the editor documented some of Obama’s accomplishments since he became POTUS. Here are some additional things he has done that were not included in that list.

The gun running “Fast and Furious” program, which gave guns to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol officer in Arizona by one of those guns.

The cover-up of the massacre in Benghazi of four U.S. citizens including our ambassador to Libya.

The IRS scandal in which conservative groups who were applying for tax-free status were targeted by the department with unreasonable delays and denials.

The expanded use of the NSA spying on Americans by collecting emails and telephone records, which violates one’s right to privacy. (This program was initiated after Sept. 11 by President Bush).

An increase of 18 million people receiving food stamps, which brings the total to almost 48 million.

An increase to $17 trillion in our national debt, which brings the total including unfunded liabilities in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to over $200 trillion

The bailout of two of the big three automakers, which still resulted in Detroit going bankrupt. Obama promised it wouldn’t.

The passage of Obamacare, which will, according to which expert you believe, result in massive increases in health insurance costs and is already forcing many employers to limit their workers’ hours per week to avoid having to provide them with insurance.

Obama recently described many of these as an “endless list of distractions and phony scandals.” The murder of American citizens in Arizona or Benghazi is hardly a phony scandal.

Be very concerned citizens. We are gradually becoming a totalitarian society. Stand up and be counted.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” — Alexander Hamilton

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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