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Letter: Our children’s lives are at stake

Kudos to both Mary Boland and R.W. Boyle for two big hits on the Dec. 20 Opinion page. The U.S. may be exceptional for the poor quality of its leadership over the last few decades. Our leadership has put power, ambition and greed ahead of the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” of the American people. I include in that leadership our presidents, our Congress, our judiciary, our military; as well as the leaders in education, religion and business.

From the Vietnam War on, the country’s leadership has conducted itself without honor, without truthfulness, without respect for law (national or international), without respect for the environment (which must sustain us) and without respect for the citizens of this country or any other.

Virtually no one has been held accountable. Nixon was pardoned. Reagan should have been jailed for Iran-Contra. Clinton should have been impeached for NAFTA. Bush One and Clinton killed a million people in Iraq. Bush Two killed another million people in Iraq. Obama is stealing everyone’s privacy, jailing whistleblowers and journalists, financing the crooks on Wall Street and slaughtering innocent people with drones. And that’s just the presidents.

Our voting process is only returning the same group of failures over and over. It is time to take a different approach. Years ago, they couldn’t convict gangsters for their crimes because the system was rigged. They got them on income tax fraud. Whatever it takes.

I think this has to be people on people. Individually and in groups, we need to find ways to put pressure on and to expose the leaders (politicians, judges, generals, bishops, CEOs) as the crooks and frauds and incompetents that they are. It’s been done before; you can look it up. We have to take this personally; because it is our lives and our children’s lives that are at stake.

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