Letter: Out of Glenwood character

What’s going on in our fair town? We see these massive apartment buildings going up. Do we want to be like Denver?

Why would these monsters be approved? Simple, because City Councils have consisted mostly of realtors, developers and a mayor who’s an engineer (on the Oasis Creek project, no less).

The Oasis Creek disaster, 116 units on (3.7) acres, was approved with 11 major building code (variances). Height is 27 feet over, no setbacks, miniscule parking (1 ½ spaces per unit — three guest spaces) no open space, etc.

Council approved the project even though P&Z rejected it along with city staff. The units are very small and are all free market meaning the people who need them will not be able to afford them.

The project above Target, 185 free market units, is another no rules monster. These two projects alone will have over 300 units, 600 plus vehicles and many more impacts.

We propose some new rules:

1. No realtors, developers or engineers on City Council.

2. First priority is to maintain as much “small town character” as we have left.

3. We need a serious comprehensive plan that includes housing for working people, traffic, open space (this is the West – we need a lot of elbow room), and other impacts.

4. We must live by our building codes.

5. No City Council giveaways!

6. Any sizable proposal must be voted on.

We need to think long-term and be very careful of development. Is it right for our town? Is it needed, sensible, beautiful? Will future generations be proud of us?

We are truly fortunate to live in such a special place. Let us not screw it up.

Remember what Joni Mitchell sang. “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

Michael Hoban

Glenwood Springs

(Editor’s note: The mayor did recuse himself from the Oasis Creek Apartments vote.)

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