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Letter: Over-the-top rhetoric

As I follow the controversy over the CRMS right of way, I certainly feel empathetic toward those who have utilized the negotiated right of way for years. However, the invective invoked by Jean Perry in her recent letter to the editor seems a bit over the top.

I know that I have only lived here for 25 years. My mother went to high school with both Shortie and Augie Pabst, and I have met both of them without mention of CRMS. And that anyone with even a modicum of following the Koch brothers would understand that the Koch brothers have as much interest in CRMS as a Siberian elk has in the Great Spot of Jupiter. And yet Jean Perry somehow has an inordinate insight into the greater truths that us mere mortals can only dream of comprehending.

A number of years ago the town of Carbondale tried to contest the title upon which my home lies. After 10 years of my property being encumbered, after 10 years of legal fees, after 10 years of the weight of the government upon my household, the town of Carbondale finally conceded that it had no claim upon my property.

During this process can you guess who might stand up in a town of Carbondale council meeting and demand that the town of Carbondale do everything in its power to take property away from a private citizen? And can you imagine who might make that demand based upon the premise that the person is rich? Despite having no knowledge whatsoever of that person’s financial circumstances. Bingo.

I guess it all depends upon whose ox is being gored. Et tu, Brutus.

Michael K. Stahl


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