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Letter: Parachute robbery

It’s no surprise that an armed robbery occurred just outside one of Parachute’s newly opened pot shops on Feb. 16. Needless to say, I’m so disappointed.

This, in our small town!

Town officials told objecting citizens that introducing pot shops was going to attract new business enterprises and existing businesses could expect more customers. Turns out, they attracted the seedier side of society. It was pointed out by some that the crime rate would go up, and this one is a doozy. It took just a couple of months for this obvious prophecy to come to fruition. That pot shop (Parachute’s first) just opened in December.

You will find some wonderful people in this town and some special people at the schools, but if you’re shopping for a home, I recommend you shop elsewhere. Parachute isn’t the place you want to raise your family.

Town officials are A-OK with anything pot-related, so the decline will continue.

No city overrun by drugs is a good environment. Addicts are like drowning persons; they’ll drag you down with them. I could say consider the children, but I know that neither druggie robbers or drug-accommodating town officials care.

K. Hall


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