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Letter: Paying it forward with your vote

The future and your contribution to it can be a special gift we all have. It’s called paying it forward, and each of us can choose. Are we going to just sit back and ride this train into the future or are we going to take part? It doesn’t have to be much just your participation in changing the future for someone or perhaps everyone. There are many ways to make this contribution and one of them is as simple as voting. Yes, your vote means that much and for those of age it only requires registering and providing evidence of your citizenship. You are the fuel that moves the machinery that turns the wheels of our great nation and the democracy on which it was founded. It is our participation that will choose either low-octane or high-octane in our democracy.

Believe it or not, it is still we the people of the people by the people who control the mighty steering wheel that guides our nation into the future. It is our votes that steer to the left or steer to the right and sometimes right down the center. It is that vote that has been fought for and died for over the existence of this great nation. It is the jewel and profound gift that democracy provides to its citizens.

The last 100 years of profound change has yet to take that golden right away. Yet the change that has occurred has projected us into a new world of instant change, instant communication, instant confusion and instant concern. We are surrounded by and overburdened with influences that pull us in every direction. From the well-intentioned, well-meaning, to the self-righteous. Influence comes from many directions with many intentions where good or evil. To move this great country forward it takes a nation bonded together to cast that vote. America as a whole casting a unified vote for each individual’s decision on the road to follow is that high octane we need today. God bless America. Vote.

Jim Childers

New Castle

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