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Letter: Pedestrianize downtown to save its character

Some see maintaining a small-town character and encouraging growth as mutually exclusive, irrational and/or impossible. I disagree.

What is true is that growth will happen by default. It then becomes a question of how or if it is managed.

Design growth around small-town character and realize that some things must be changed to make it so. The key idea to preserve Glenwood’s small-town character is to pedestrianize downtown shopping. Aspen realized this over 40 years ago and made it happen … but it had the luxury of arbitrary repurposing of streets. Glenwood doesn’t.

Moab and Steamboat are examples of towns that still run all traffic down one street — but don’t have to. Stringtown, south of Leadville, is an example of a town that can’t move its traffic anywhere else … besides, it would violate its moniker.

Small-town character is maintained by, for and of the people. It’s a state of mind and is maintained by social interaction facilitated by eliminating traffic on a street and appealing to people in pedestrian terms. Pedestrianize downtown. Everything else is subservient.

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