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Letter: People dehumanized by technology

With the events that plague our culture and our way of life ever increasing, it is difficult to focus on one topic or narrative. Granted, few people actually pay attention to matters beyond sports, their mobile phones, celebrity culture and the constant nauseating platitudes that spew from the mouths of our public servants.

However, here is something to ruminate over.

Over the years we, as human beings, have been stigmatized as being less human. One cannot simply walk into a place of business, dressed up, shoes shined, resume in hand and ask to speak to the hiring director. It appears that those days are gone. We have been reduced to numbers, a statistic, and a persona that is formed by a computer, not human interaction.

What is disturbing is that many companies insist you complete a sly psychiatric questionnaire, which purportedly indicates how well you will perform the job without having an interview (these are not voluntary either). This is merely a shadow of how working men and women have been relegated. The human element has been taken out. And for what? A low paying job that requires one to be exploited?

Does one need to complete a psychological assessment simply to stock groceries, wait tables, or use a broom in a repetitive back and forth motion?

I often wonder two things regarding this matter. One, how is this legal? Second, why do we, as human beings, have to tolerate these shenanigans?

So, I say this. Shame on companies that choose to put folks through this. Shame on companies that are unwilling to train new employees who are, allegedly, the greatest asset.

Then again, folks do need to survive — and the essence of corporate apathy is not unaware of this fact.

Joshua Card

Greeley, Colo.

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