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Letter: PI shouldn’t charge for obituaries

Leesa Weist
Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m shocked and appalled how the Post Independent cashes in on obituaries. Your paper is rather small, 20 or so pages. It is free. The valley is small. So when someone from that valley dies, it is normally a friend or family member whom people there have known their entire life.

The cost of a burial ranges from $13,000-$15,000. So just when you have everything paid for, plans are set, the last part is to submit an obituary to honor the person you have loved and lost. Then you find out to write two paragraphs is over $300 ranging to $800?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but an obit is not an ad. In such a small valley where everyone knows everyone, it’s nice to read the obit, and it brings a certain sort of closure with it. I think you should rethink your cost on printing one. I suppose it is all papers everywhere, but you really are cashing in on someone else’s grief, for what? Try charging 25 cents for your paper, then when a beloved family member or friend dies, you won’t have to cash in on it. Just a thought.

Publisher’s note: As a smaller newspaper, our space is limited. We offer a free obituary of up to 100 words. If a larger space is desired, we provide that service at an extra charge.

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