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Letter: Political cartoon was offensive

The June 11 political cartoon was despicable and is nothing more than propaganda like Nazi Germany and communist Russia used to influence and promote political agendas and lies to the people.

It pictures a fat, redneck-looking guy with an “I love the NRA” hat and a tea party logo T-shirt. In large print over the guy’s head, depicting his thoughts, “the government is the problem.” In the hands of the redneck he is holding an assault rifle with “the solution” written across it. How in the name of truth and honesty can you as editor allow this distorting, untruthful piece of trash to appear in the PI?

There have been letters denouncing name-calling and writers not backing up statements with proven facts and now you as editor allow both to disgrace the editorial page in the form of a cartoon. Give us the proof and facts that back up the claims of this cartoon or justification of why it was printed.

Is the PI going the way of large-city, left-wing papers that are willing to use their influence to promote agendas with lies and distortions? To say to those who read the PI that the NRA and the tea party are all redneck, overthrow-the-government-with-guns-and-violence fanatics is beyond comprehension and borders on slander.

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As a member of the NRA and tea party I am disappointed and in all honesty mad as hell that the PI would stoop this low, especially in an area that promotes and counts on income from hunting and fishing. The NRA and the tea party have never backed or promoted the overthrow of our government in any way. I urge all NRA and tea party members to write letters and express their frustration and outrage at this Nazi, communist propaganda-style lie that the cartoon denotes and the PI promotes.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: The PI strives for a representative balance of views in the cartoons and columns that appear on the editorial page. Political cartoons are social commentary that often making use of caricatures that exaggerate a viewpoint.

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