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Letter: Political humor

I think it’s time everyone grew a sense of humor, politically speaking. On NPR the other day, they had women calling in relating how they couldn’t get out of bed the day after Queen Hillary was uncoronated. Come on, really?

And how come no one’s laughing at the “victim” who waited almost 40 years to accuse that senator wanna-be in Alabama? The timing, one month before the election, is hilarious.

Thankfully, President Trump leads the way to fun in politics. The president said he felt hurt that the head honcho in North Korea called him “old” since the president had not called the honcho “short and fat.”

I laughed so hard — Hillary could never make us laugh like that.

But let’s save the last laugh for ourselves since more than half of all eligible voters don’t bother to vote.

How funny is that?

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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