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Letter: Politicians’ lines of crap

Jane Spaulding

Here is an true patriot actor’s advice at a college he just was at for a commencement address.

Life isn’t fair, never has been, never will be. Life is what it is. You can either be a participant or be a whiner.

You can either choose to let those who are running your life, like your governor, run over you, tax you to death; your president, lie to you and not say anything about it. Or you can choose to do something about it. You can send letters to your governor, to your state Legislature, your senators, and if you don’t get an answer back then you try and get them unseated.

Life isn’t fair, but you don’t have to treat government officials with the dignity they don’t deserve either. Since the Internet, it’s becoming politically correct to have the politicians get online and feed you a line of crap that has nothing to do with the issues at hand.

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