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Letter: POTUS should be arrested

I write this today because enough is enough. I have lived in Garfield County sine 1993 and have kept my mouth shut because people writing to this column have spoken for me, but it is time to cut to the chase.

POTUS and his cronies should be legally arrested and incarcerated for their crimes against our society until proven innocent, just like you and I would have to. Charges like fraud, corruption, coercion, theft, abuse of power, giving money to friends who conveniently go bankrupt. Is there not a legal power in our nation that can do this?

Well, I think there is and I have figure out how to do it through the courts, not the streets, where they are trying to make all of us duke it out. Our government is trying to make things so bad that they have to declare marshal law so the present POTUS can stay in power for as long as he wants.

All of that is conjecture, the other part is real, and they need to be thrown in the big house. All of them. Our POTUS has abused his position since the day he got in, and enough is enough. Is there not one self-sufficient licensed esquire out there that will file this claim? All of the evidence is public record, and even more will be discovered the deeper we dig. Corrupt vote counting software being used at the highest levels, the deeper we dig the messier it gets. The American public does not really want to know the truth. We just want to live and let live, and we have let it out of control so much we listen to a man who wants to stop cow farts. How stupid are we?

Kurt Denton


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