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Letter: Praise for Chief Wilson

Thank you, Police Chief Terry Wilson, for taking time out to have coffee with and meet the Glenwood Springs citizens last week in front of the library. I enjoyed talking with you and have known you for many years.

I commend you for this public event taking time out of your busy schedule. I know you do not have a “cushy” 9-to-5 job, five days a week like most of us citizens have. Yours is a 24/7 because crime is a 24/7. I know you have capable assistants who fill in for you so you can have a family life, but I have seen you involved in every action and police case as the diligent servant you are.

We citizens would be wrong to tie officers’ hands in the administrating of their duties during a crime. An officer has a fraction of a fraction of a second to decide whether to pull his gun, his Taser or use physical force to control the perpetrator, which could result in a debilitating leg injury from being kicked, he could be fatally shot or have the citizens upset with him for “cruelly” using a Taser.

I would not want that choice. So citizens of this great city, please let the officers protect and serve us as we require, but in their own trained ways to protect themselves and us citizens. I challenge each city council member to rotate their service to have a cup of coffee moment in front of the public library once a week for two hours so we can ask you the questions that Police Chief Wilson was asked, but he had nothing to do with that department in question. You do, city councilors.

Irvin Tilley

Glenwood Springs

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