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Letter: Praise for Hickenlooper

I wanted to thank and honor our governor, John Hickenlooper for being one of the governors in the country to openly state that he would welcome Syrian refugees. In a time when every political move is basted in partisanship and lobbyism, it is deeply encouraging to know that the leader of our state remembers the history of our world and our country, not to mention the engraving on a certain tall, toga-clad resident of Ellis Island.

Every year, I teach a unit called “Voices of the Holocaust” to my eighth-graders, and every year, they ask how something like that could happen. Every year we have discussions and they express complete confusion about why America didn’t do something for the Jewish refugees.

In a time when news traveled slowly (1930s), there may be some little weight to the fact that our citizenry did not understand the extent of the horror that was occurring in Germany and Eastern Europe. Today, however, with instant social media updates and access to photos of the faces and families involved, we, Americans, are out of excuses. The parallels cannot be denied, and we promised we would always remember.

Support Hickenlooper and encourage our lawmakers to be vocal and bold in their support of the people who have lost their home and their future to war. In this country, we all have so much to give that we cannot afford to act out of fear.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

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