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Letter: Praise for Re-2 expulsions

Leslie Smith

I’m writing in response to the article the May 30 Post Independent, “Re-2 expulsion rate among highest in Colorado.” Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

Speaking as a parent of four children who have all been or are currently students of Re-2, I don’t see this as a problem. I don’t want my children constantly exposed to classroom disruptions, disrespect towards teachers and staff, not to mention the lack of common decency towards their fellow students.

My children have all come home at various times with appalling stories of student behavior in the classroom and their belief is that there aren’t any consequences as the students are back in the classroom repeating the same bad behavior time and time again. What happened to having consequences by your parents for misbehaving? What happened to respect for your elders?

All students will have to go out into the workforce at some time, and they must know that the people paying to work for them will have a lot less tolerance for showing up late or not at all and acting with disrespect. Aren’t these all things that should be taught by the parents?

All of our children deserve a safe, respectful environment where they can be educated. Parents need to teach the manners, respect and values so together with their education they can go out into this world and lead productive, valued, moral lives. Students and parents need to be held accountable.

Keep up the great work Garfield School District. Three of my children who have already graduated from Rifle High School and my husband and I thank you for your caring respectful education you have provided thus far.

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