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Letter: Praising protection from drilling

Lindsay Gurley

I want to commend and thank the U.S. Forest Service for standing by its decision to protect the Thompson Divide and a large part of the White River National Forest from future oil and gas development. As industry has laid claim to so much of our valued public land, I am grateful for the future protection of a landscape that I deeply cherish.

The Thompson Divide and White River National Forest are not only a beautiful landscape right in my backyard, but a place for visitors from across the country and world to enjoy, explore and be in awe of the natural beauty. I understand that oil and gas development is going to occur — it just does not need to happen everywhere. Certain places need to be protected, for the health of our planet and for the health of individuals.

I deeply appreciate the efforts and voices of the many individuals willing to stand up, share their voice and fight to protect these significant places. We are protecting this place for our livelihoods and quality of life, as well as the many visitors to the area. I hope everyone will continue to stand up to protect these critical landscapes for years to come.

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