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LETTER: Preening doesn’t add to freedom

What a quaint gimmick they have at Shooters Restaurant. I hope it helps their bottom line and all the debutante gunslingers can preen, pose and posture, pretending if there was an insurrection they could kill the culprits before they down the first cup of coffee. Pretend they matter.

The problem isn’t the ability to bear arms that protects your Second Amendment rights, or even your ability to blow away a pretty little patch on a target, it’s the ability to shoot another human being without hesitation. This is what it comes down to. Is it preferable to subdue a perp by other means like courage and action (like was demonstrated in one of the latest school killings) or face taking, as they say in “The Unforgiven,” all he was and will ever be, before it happens to you, solely because you’ve made yourself an obstacle that must now be shot by the likewise armed danger you pretend to fear to justify displaying your wears.

The PTSD of most of our honorable boys attest that killing human beings comes with a lifelong hell on earth they were not sold with the hubris of protecting us from foes foreign and domestic, so I ask gun owners to get real and ask yourself if at this very moment you were a citizen of any of the civil wars waging across the globe, would you really stand and fight or fold up like a lawn chair come winter? No posturing and posing allowed.

If you survived the question unscathed, then what did you do to prevent the White House and Congress in circumventing all other of the Rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights with the rues of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Appropriating the vigilante urge (post 9/11) to be the direct cause of every theater of destabilization present on the face of the new millennium? Or were you playing with your guns?

Last, because I know you failed that one — you were nowhere to be found — what does this preening in holsters really add to the protection of freedom?

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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