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Letter: Priceless history

Each of us has a person, place or thing that has made an impression on us. Just ask some one to tell you about their favorite memory. It’s interesting how they will open up and relate it to you. If you think museums don’t have a place in today’s scheme of things, come on a tour with 50-60 third-graders. Just watch the expressions on their faces as history is explained to them, then listen to their comments and questions.

They even have stories of their own about things that have made an impression on them. It’s priceless.

See the faces of the old-timers as they come through and see exhibits of things they have used in their lifetime. It’s interesting to listen to them reminisce and share the memories of their past. These old-timers have made the history we hold dear today.

The museums and historical societies in our communities are honored to have the responsibility to preserve, protect and present the history that has been entrusted to us. When historical artifacts are lost, they are gone forever.

Voting yes on 1A will provide the necessary funding for the seven museums in Garfield County to carry out the important mission of keeping history alive. Remembering our past, preserving our present and protecting our future.

Cecil Waldron


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