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Letter: Problem is criminals, not guns

Dick Prosence

The theory being pushed is “There are too many guns on the streets,” but the guns on the streets are not the problem.

The problem stems from too many criminals are on the streets of America, many placed there by the revolving prison doors that, for no logical reason, dump violent criminals back onto the streets without so much as a thank you.

The revolving doors are a direct result of switching from a punishment system of incarceration, to one of “rehabilitation,” a system where “comfort” of the prisons became more important to the justice system than the safety of the law-abiding population.

If we have a crime problem on America’s streets, then perhaps the problem lies with the legislatures that bend over backwards to see to the comfort and safety of the violent criminals instead of their sworn responsibility to see to the safety of the citizens.

Rehabilitation has been proven to be an abject failure, and the murders, rapes and all other violent criminal acts lie solely at the feet of the legislators who refuse to correct bad laws.

All first responders need to be armed and competent in the use of their weapon.

And, as a side note, the victim is always the first responder.

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