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Letter: Public left to gamble with no cards

R.W. Boyle
New Castle

Amazing! The speed with which the Koch brothers newly purchased government has been furthering the agenda of the wealthy. One last-minute addition to the recent government funding bill is a stand-out example. I seriously doubt that the bamboozled, taxpaying electorate understands that they have just been signed up to repay over $300 trillion of gambling debt if the banks lose again. The same 15 banks, led by the same unpunished thieves and criminals at Citibank who wrote the bills that led to the last crash, have also written the bills just passed, gutting Dodd-Frank.

No citizen, no legislator, wrote those bills. Bank lawyers wrote those bills and we have been set up for it to happen again. If you still don’t think you’ve been had, go read the bills. This, before a Republican Congress.

The cool part is that you are gambling with them, your house is in the game again, your investments, your children’s future… Oh, did I mention? You don’t get any cards.

The other thing they slipped in that continues to reveal who they really are would be the latest attack on children’s nutrition in our schools.

Last time, it took them about 10 years of purchased legislators, corporate lawyer-written bills, a public cleverly distracted with anything but real economics and a mostly corporate-controlled Congress, to garner 70 percent of the nation’s wealth to less than 1 percent of the population. I predict you haven’t seen anything yet. Not only will the economic class warfare get nastier, the war on women and minority voters will continue with a vengeance. Environmental protection will continue to be assaulted and you will see an expansion of imperialist philosophy in foreign affairs.

Given the Sony hack as the latest example; and as I have suggested before, it is but a matter of time until the NSA/government treasure trove of spying on the American people, their business and trade secrets … everything the government has assembled “to protect” us, will be hacked and stolen. Who are the fools who put it all in one place?

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