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Letter: Pushing ahead on traffic calming

Thanks to John Stroud for his recent front-page coverage of the traffic calming efforts put into motion by our city officials and engineering department. Our citizens group, Imagine Glenwood, encourages all who wish Glenwood to remain a highly desirable city and tourist destination to join us as we look to our future.

Traffic is a lot like rain — it can be of enormous benefit. However, allowed to run uncontrolled and in increasingly excessive amounts it can wreak a destructive flood. The growth we have seen over the last 20 years appears to be continuing, more traffic is coming, we won’t be paving our way out of it, we have no place to go — so let’s make our plans work for our city, our home.

I hope we can imagine Glenwood not as a future “mousetrap” that is known to all who drive in Denver, but imagine preserving it for its beauty, historical places and quality outdoor experiences.

By acknowledging ourselves as “traffic,” we can all set about smarter behavior that preserves this home we love. Choose the routes you drive with the golden rule in mind, try to get to your destinations using a different mode of transportation and, finally, conscientiously obey posted roadway signage as if a life depends on it, because the life in and of our town does.

Please join us at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 30 at the Glenwood Springs library as we continue to work on these issues.

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