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Letter: Questions about county turmoil

John Burk
Glenwood Springs

I have been following the news regarding the recent turmoil in the Garfield County management. Several upper management employees have recently been terminated or “resigned,” as is apparently the more politically correct terminology. All to the tune of over $100,000 of taxpayers’ money, maybe more? Who knows what the real costs are when you consider the rehiring and training process, etc.?

Is it good management practice to terminate responsible and competent management for “personality conflicts” per Commissioner Martin’s recent comments? Seems to this taxpayer a bit petty for such a big price tag, especially considering that the County Manager Andrew Gorgey and others who “resigned” before him were doing a great job by all accounts.

Maybe it’s time we as taxpayers and citizens of Garfield County took a closer look at Commissioner Martin and his cohorts. Maybe it’s time for the Garfield County Commission and Mr. Martin in particular to stop acting as king and get back to smart representation of the citizens of Garfield County. Especially considering the tight budget in the next few years.

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