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Letter: Quit lying about immigrant DL support

Jane Spaulding

Your paper claims that the Western Slope sheriffs and all of the sheriffs/marshalls in Colorado are all for Hickenlooper giving illegals DL. Where are the letters from these sheriffs saying that they agree that this makes our roads safer? I think your editor along with Hickenlooper made up this so-called Idea.

Hickenlooper said after the election where he was re-elected again that the DMV gave out regular DLs instead of the ones that you showed in your paper. That’s right regular DL. There was nothing on thousands of them that said they couldn’t be used to vote with, couldn’t be used for identity. The DMV has a record of those regular licenses. So explain why they weren’t recalled, if they were the wrong thing. I think this is another one of your acts as a paper. Quit lying about the facts.

Editor’s note: The PI has reported accurately that the County Sheriffs of Colorado and Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police supported passage of SB 251 in 2013, which established the driver’s licenses in question. The paper never said that Western Slope sheriffs supported the proposal and in July included comments from Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario in opposition to the law.

In September, before the election, the DMV reported that a vendor incorrectly sent 524 regular licenses to non-citizens. The PI ran an Associated Press story about the mistake at the time.

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