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Letter: Razing structures is no plan

Sue Lavin
Glenwood Springs

Such swift action on razing the Seventh Street Pavilion is very impressive. I have noticed panhandlers at the library, so you might want to raze that, too.

It would take a fierce public will to actually help the poor and homeless, many of whom are teenagers. Denver, for example, has had great success with Housing First. This program, successful nationwide, has found that once people are adequately housed, they can address more profound issues causing their homelessness.

Our part of Garfield County has an affordable rent and housing crisis. Addressing this crisis would mean building a tough, consistent and deeply rooted housing plan. It would mean holding developers to the commitment to build a certain percentage of affordable units. It would mean not caving every time there is an economic bubble. It would reinstate past provisos to ensure worker housing.

That all sounds very hard. Better get out the bulldozers. By the way, I¹ve seen panhandlers at the old library, too. While the equipment is running, you might as well get rid of that building, too.

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