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Letter: Reader resents Sgamma comment

In the Aug. 24 Post Independent article by John Colson about Mary Russell of Carbondale and her nationwide petition to President Obama about fracking, Kathleen Sgamma, vice president for Western Energy Alliance, called the Russell’s petition drive a “publicity stunt” by environmentalists.

Sgamma said dismissively: “So a million liberal activists from around the country, the vast majority of whom are not tied to productive public lands communities, are naively responding to an emailed action alert, That’s not a substantive comment and only represents a narrow view from the public.”

I personally resent Ms. Kathleen Sgamma’s comment that this nationwide petition is a “naive publicity stunt”. In fact, this effort by Mary Russell is We the People exercising our First Amendment Rights to “Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances”.

BTW: Have you seen Matt Damon in Promised Land? The movie is on the shelf at Walmart and was written by Damon and John Krasinski. In the opening scene, Damon’s character, (who is a “Land Man” for a drilling company) mentions “Rifle, Colo.”

Carl McWilliams

Silt Mesa

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