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Letter: Readers say Thanks

Recently having a full knee replacement and stay at Valley View Hospital, I would like to say that we have one of the most beautiful hospitals in the world. But above and beyond that, is the staff that make the hospital what it is. These people don’t, and could never be thanked enough. So I would like to thank them once again for the upbeat happy attitudes that they carry while performing their jobs. My stay was incredible and I owe that to the staff. Thank you all once again.

Rabbit Thomas

Glenwood Springs

We, the Walters, and Dawsons, friends since the ’70s, would like to thank the couple at the Village Smithy Restaurant who paid for our lunches last Friday, March 11, 2016, about 1 p.m. My husband had his Tenth Mountain Cap on and he was using a walker and Mrs. Walters had a cane. The waitress told us they had paid for our lunch but didn’t give her any reason. We thank this couple very much, and we enjoyed our time together. It is great to know that we are appreciated at our ages.

Thank you very much.

Betty Dawson

New Castle

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