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Letter: Reasons for climate action

Saturday night at Third Street Center, I along with 180 folks attended award-winning documentary “Chasing Ice” by environmental filmmaker James Balog.

Balong has risked his life to give us the visuals of the vastness of our major glaciers disappearing at an alarming rate on our planet now. We would never see or know about this catastrophic event had he not done his research mounting time-lapse cameras on several continents monitoring the recession of these ancient bodies of ice. He shared his results representing NASA at the climate talks in Copenhagen and Paris. His passion for informing the public and policy makers will be helpful in sharing the urgent message of immediate action.

I extend my gratitude to everyone that helped contribute time, energy and money to make this event happen.

Deep gratitude to James Balog for coming to inform us about what is really happening with oil and gas exploration with his new film “1000 Cuts” so we can be a clear and informed voice for change. As James pointed out, we need many voices and many leaders to “be the change we wish to see in the world” and communicate intelligently with our policy makers while also enacting change at home.

Carbondale has an exciting opportunity to do that right now. We can “be the change the we wish to see in the world” by supporting Climate Action Yes and voting yes on 2A in this upcoming April election.

Lisa Dancing-Light


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