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Letter: Reasons not to speed

Let’s give Terry Wilson and our law enforcement officers a big hand for stepping up our speed enforcement.

But don’t stop there, we can help:

Commit to driving the posted speed of 25 for only 1 1/2 miles of our historic core. (Who couldn’t do this?)

When we rein in our speeds:

1) No expensive speeding ticket.

2) Homeowners’ driveways access these routes; it’s safer for all.

3) It celebrates many awards and preserves our core as a walkable city.

4) Multiple businesses with job- and tax-generating revenue front these roadways, it supports them.

5) Newly minted high school drivers are on these roadways accessing the high school as are elementary children/parents/teachers.

6) Enormous health-care facilities are just yards off of Grand treating patients who are not well, grant them extra consideration.

7) It reduces noise pollution and a fear factor.

If we all do our part there will be, by default, less work for our officers.

Thank you, Chief Wilson; we support your efforts.

Diane Reynolds/Sumner Schachter

Glenwood Springs, Imagine Glenwood organizers

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