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Letter: Rebuttal to Rachesky

Dana Andersen
New Castle

I would like to respond to Mr. Rachesky’s guest opinion of May 8.

How well America remembers Obama’s statement that “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” Obviously untrue, and ultimately proven so. And while discussing presidential statements, also untrue: “I have previously stated, and I repeat now, that the United States plans no military intervention of Cuba.” (JFK, 1961.) “We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.” (Johnson, 1964.) “I am not a crook.” (Nixon, 1973.) “We did not — repeat — did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages, nor would we.” (Reagan, 1986.) “Read my lips: no new taxes.” (Bush 41, 1988.) “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” (Clinton, 1998.) Invading Iraq was necessary “to eliminate weapons of mass destruction.” (Bush 43, 2003.) My point? Presidents lie.

Aside from your timeline, you are absolutely correct regarding the “sharing of wealth.” In 2008 the TARP (under Bush 43) bailed out Wall Street with what was initially $700 billion of taxpayer money. (Thanks to Dodd-Frank it was substantially decreased.) The ridiculous tax breaks for the wealthy in 2001-2, the “job creators,” created no jobs and did nothing but stagnate the economy for a decade based on the notion of trickle-down economics, which didn’t work under Reagan and fared even worse under Bush, who boasted the worst job creation since Herbert Hoover. I would remind you as well that in the 256 quarters that comprised the terms of 16 presidents, the GOP occupied the White House for 144 of these, versus the 112 by Democrats. Of these, 49 quarters were classified as being in recession: eight under Democrats, and 41 under Republicans.

I completely agree with your take on Common Core. People should become familiar with it. Forty-four states and D.C. voluntarily participate in it. Developed in part by Republican governors, a former RNC spokesman said, “High education standards are too important to our economy and international standing to be derailed by ideological purists with no alternative plan.” Common Core standards are limited to math and reading. Nothing more. Contrary to right-wing talking points, it is not pornographic, “Islamification,” indoctrination or the “seed of socialism.” If it’s indoctrination and misinformation you want, look no further than new textbooks in Texas, Oklahoma and many other states to follow, with their revisionist “history” omitting all things “non-exeptional.” You know — slavery, treatment of Native Americans, civil rights’ struggles, etc.

Regarding your concern with “the world’s contrived Jewish problem,” I fail to see the significance between the number of Jewish versus Muslim Nobel Prize recipients, and question why it’s even an issue in your letter, except to fan the flames of your perceived anti-Jewish sentiments by the Obama administration. It’s no secret that Obama and Netanyahu have no great love for one another. “Anti-Netanyahu” is vastly different than anti-Semitic. To suggest that this mutual personal animosity between two leaders is “throwing Israel under the bus” is ridiculous. Israel exists today because of its strong ties to the United States, and thanks to France and the U.S., is a nuclear power as well. When virtually all of the world agrees that Israel is responsible for multiple human rights violations and war crimes against Palestinian civilians, who is always in their corner? Their staunch ally, of course.

I also agree wholeheartedly with your observation that low-information voters are ruining this country. All that differs is your perception versus mine of who these voters actually are. I have read your letters to the editor with interest over the years, and have written my share as well. I couldn’t help but notice your “Hillary or her like kind” references. I can only counter with “Ted or his like kind” or “Marco or his like kind.” Your assertion that “Obama’s presidency has been a disaster” can very easily be countered by inserting George W. Bush’s name into that statement. That being said, I would say that both sides of the U.S. political spectrum can agree on one thing, if nothing else: Polarizing partisanship has overtaken any possibility of agreement.

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