Letter: Rec centers are just a fad


I have read a lot of posts in favor of the Rifle Rec. Center, yet I haven’t seen a reason as to why we need this center other than some want it.

As an observation, it seems to be a fad in cities to have recreation centers. Each claim that their centers are not self-sustaining. I am not against a center, but I am against the means in which Rifle plans on paying for it.

I live on a modest income. My mother taught me how to budget and that budget is what I am not seeing in the rec center proposal.

Not only is the rec center asking for the sales tax to be raised to cover the expense, but are leaving it open-ended for the running expenses that may not be covered by membership dues.

Add in those that cannot pay, and that overhead cost rises through grants that the Rifle Recreation Department will be handing out.

But it’s only a small percentage of a cent sales tax hike you say? Well…

In January, I will be asked to purchase health insurance (the insurance quotes just released) at a cost of $177 to $700 a month according to what coverage I choose.

I am already taxed in my business, taxed at the grocery store, taxed on my fuel, taxed on my phone, taxed, taxed and more taxed … and now you are asking for more.

Rifle’s fad to keep up with the Jones is asking me yet for more.

I believe this fad should be tabled. Rifle would be better served to find a way to bring small business by offering incentives to relocate to Rifle. Once you have the downtown area, the industrial area filled once again with thriving business, and the city has found a way to attract tourists, then you’ll have your tax base you need to budget for a recreation center. But until then, this is a losing uphill battle.

Please take the time to decide if Rifle can truly afford a rec center as proposed and choose to VOTE NO on D this fall.

Ronda Hunter


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