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Letter: Regulations do matter

Once again Ross Talbott has taken us “Out on a limb” on a walk down memory lane, pining for the good old days while lamenting the regulations that have made his/our lives almost unbearable. These are themes that have run through his column over the years. He is certainly upset that people can’t shoot off fireworks anytime or place they’d like. We should all be able to go cut any trees we want and build us a barn and a house. Government regulations have made it darn near impossible for him to pollute the air and water as he sees fit.

He goes on with, “Now you can’t even paint your house or build a deck without approval of the homeowners association or the county building inspector. You can’t plant a tree, start a business or anything else without proper government approval. You must have a driver’s license, a proof of insurance card, a valid license plate, a concealed carry permit, a retail sales license, licensed scales, a tag on your dog, Forest Service permit, a Social Security number, a valid address and the list goes on endlessly.”

Mr. Talbott ends with “I have only scratched the surface” and “Give us freefrom,” a nice play on words.

Scratching the surface even deeper could include having to pass a criminal and background check before you move in somewhere. Or, if you’re single, only being allowed one roommate, subject to management’s approval. Maybe you’d like two dogs, but the management says no, only one dog and you have to prove it is spayed or neutered. Plus you must provide a picture to management and get a signed registration for the dog, as certain types are strictly prohibited. Not a dog person? Well, you can have two cats, as long as you prove they are spayed/neutered and provide a picture for management. Failure to register your cat could result in a fine and/or being ordered to remove the offending feline within 48 hours.

Perhaps you wish to sell your home. You might need to get permission from management/HOA and approval of the new buyer. How about doing a little addition, a new porch, deck or actually build anything? Want a clothesline? Size and placement must be approved by management, and as Ross complains, permission may be required.

How about a curfew on your kids until they are out of high school? Perhaps 9 p.m., except for summer vacation when the curfew is 10.

I may be going out on a limb here, but that seems like lots of rules and regulations to run (you guessed it) the Apple Tree Community (sourced directly from the Apple Tree Community Rules and Regs). That’s Talbott Enterprises Inc., dba Apple Tree Community, Ross Talbott, owner.

I’ve only scratched the surface myself. I left out his rules concerning guns, bows, TV or stereo noise levels, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, cars (all with current registration or will be towed at owners expense), trees, weeds, garbage, etc. Heck, there’s 15 different rules just addressing pets including numerous fines and fees. It seems that regulations (10 pages) are indeed important to Ross, it just depends on who’s writing them. “Freefrom” doesn’t seem to apply on the south side of the river in New Castle. Naturally, management is fully exempt and has the final say. If you ask me, you sound just like the government, eh, Ross?

Craig S. Chisesi


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