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Letter: Remember: We are one nation under God

I don’t consider myself a religious person, but I do see the moral value in religion and it’s positive effect on our society. I believe that if the citizens of this country ever forget we are one nation under God, then we’re all going down.

Our nation is more divided today than since the Civil War. Our current leaders promised “unity and transparency.” We all know now they lied. Our president is the most divisive elected leader in American history. He’s a student of socialist Saul Alinsky’s philosophy “Rules for Radicals” — divide and conquer.

He appears to have a deep-seated resentment to the United States. His agenda is to remake our great country into a socialist, big-government, limit-our-freedoms, anti-life, anti-marriage, pro-homosexual, weakened nation that constantly apologizes to every third-rate dictatorial country in the world. To our president there is no such thing as “American exceptionalism.” Keep voting for candidates like Barack Obama and his like kind (Hillary) and we’ll be destroying ourselves a little at a time.

In our country, it seems to me that the forces of tyranny are mobilizing to exterminate our liberties and that the president’s current policy of appeasement is resulting in despotism (absolute power in an oppressive way) making our democracy an anathema (something vehemently disliked).

Ask yourself, do you want your kids and/or grandchildren to grow up under a dictatorship or in a free society? Do you really want to end your democratic way of life? Believe me or not, but as a society we’re “that” close. Stupidity is our worst enemy — and there’s a lot of that “stupid virus” going around.

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