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LETTER: Remembering the Fitches

Nice to see Jerry Fitch’s milestone in the Post Independent. Jerry Fitch was a person from another time who lived in Glenwood in the ’50s and ’60s with his wife Marcy and kids Mike and Kathy. Their relationship to the community left a strong impression for all the lives that they touched, directly or by association.

It was a transitional era before television. Theirs was the only live media window on the world: KGLN 980 AM. It’s hard to believe now, but all the news came from KGLN, unless it was in the Glenwood Post, the Morning Reminder or one of the Denver papers. That was the case for most kids. The only other source for news and entertainment was the powerful KOMA at night from Oklahoma City: “coast to coast and border to border.” It played new music and repeated playing this music until newer stuff replaced it. KGLN was more conservative, but had broader appeal.

In the daytime KGLN was it. Al Maggard was the most notable of the announcers, Marcy had a “Woman’s World.” There was the national commentator, Cedric Foster and regular musical themes, etc. I don’t believe Jerry had any show but stayed behind the scenes running the business and pinch hitting.

I do regret that there weren’t more radio dramas. There were some kid shows on Saturday morning … and one that awarded prizes to the entrant with the most milk bottle outer wrappers from The Glenwood Creamery. On a visit to the creamery, I was tempted to short circuit this process and take wrappers in bulk. I was caught and had to return them to Jack Mitchell. Despite this, I really saved enough to win a book awarded one month.

Many other associations go on with this family. The point is, the Fitches were social pollinators in a positive way. We in Glenwood saw the world through their eyes, back when.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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