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Letter: Remove shackles from officers

Where are the Ferguson-style protesters, protesting the unnecessary shooting of Mesa County Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Geer? Where are the anti-gun rights protesters, protesting the teen drifter who used drugs and stole guns and shot officer Geer?

My deepest condolences to Derek’s wife and two children who now live with a hero’s memory instead of living with a husband and a father.

This world is going to hell in a hand basket, with the cities tying the hands of our local law enforcement in taking longer, like 5 seconds to evaluate if a suspect really has a gun, and if the suspect is really going to use it to kill the officer and any innocent victims nearby in the line of fire.

Americans, this is not your Wild West movies we older generation grew up with where the bad guy gets off six shots before the white hat-wearing good cowboy shoots once and wounds the villain. I spent 25 years in the military, more than I care in a war zone where we never knew who was bad and who was good. I am alive today because if a citizen of the foreign land I was in had a weapon of any kind, I shot first and let the living do an inquest on my shooting instead of letting my family attending my funeral services.

We hear too many police shootings where an officer was killed, maybe because he hesitated a fraction of a second too long or he responded to a situation that he felt had no need of weapons being drawn.

I’m telling you now, if you accost me on the street or at my home, I have enough weapons with me to change your mind about who it will be, me or you? I know now that it will be you every time, just like I was taught in the military. I am a survivalist not a defeatist.

I know officer Geer to be a good man in all he has done. He was an asset to his community in all ways. His good decision in a split to use his Taser instead of drawing his gun and needlessly killing a teenager was the type of a man Derek was. Too bad a teen now has to go on trial for stupidly killing an officer instead of an officer going before a shooting board and then going home to his family that night.

America, remove the shackles from the officers we ask to defend us all day long and in situations that we would not want to be in ourselves. We have too many hero memories out there across our great country and not enough husbands and fathers going home to their families after a hard shift at work.

Irvin Tilley

Glenwood Springs

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